My Autobigraphy

                                                    Who am I?

By; Karen A. Salvador

A girl named Karen Angangan Salvador was born. Ilagan, Isabela is the place where I was born particularly on the 26th day of July year 1994.

I am eight of the ten children of the family , our parent Amelia Angangan Salvador who is from Ilagan, Isabela and my father Daniel Rosete Salvador is also from Ilagan, Isabela thought us to be God Fearing person , a person with respect, love and a sense of humility.

As I grew up, I had witness the Ups and Downs of my family, my parent owns a small agricultural land before which is source of our daily living. Until such a time these land had grown up and our income progresses. This is through hard works of my parent and through Gods guidance and blessings.

Way back to my younger years, my parent enrolled me in a public school during my elementary years. I finish my study in elementary at Cabannungan 1st Ilagan, Isabela and I graduated at the year 2007. During these years, I had met different people and some of them become a good friend of mine. Then I push through my secondary schooling at La Salette of Ramon. I studied there for a year and I continue my secondary schooling at Alvarez-Ramales School Foundation Inc. there I had experience different challenges in life which is a part of growing up.

During my high school years, our family faces a great challenge in life, and that’s when they operate me for raptured appendicitis. That time my family thought that I am going to die because I’m already in to it, but God is good because he never left us. Through prayers and through the support of friends and relatives we have accepted that everything has its own reason, and every lost is a part of Gods plan to us.

I finish my high Schooling at the year 2011. I have found my interest in life and that is through computers, that’s why I enrolled at Northeastern College with the course Information Technology.

I am hoping to finish my Course by the year March 2016 and be able to have my own work/ business where I can apply what I’ve learned. And by this, I can be able to make my family be proud of me especially to my father and mother, and also to my auntie Imelda who support me for my studies.

This is who I am and this is just a simple story of my life and I hope that more happy and unforgettable moments will happen as I go along my way and face the different challenges that life has.


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